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What do you need to be a successful Nail Technician business?

Nail Technician Business

Nail Technician BusinessSo, you are out in the big bad world and starting your first business as a nail technician. But there is nothing to fear as the nail technician business is an extremely lucrative one, which has experienced an increase in customer demand – in fact in some countries its experienced an increasingly rapid growth compared to other occupations. Bonus for you, especially if you were thinking that this wasn’t the correct career choice.

The first thing that you need to get out of the way is all the legalities involved in starting a business – make sure you do everything to conform with operating regulations of your area. You do not want any legal repercussions.

Secondly you would want to make sure that your business is equipped with the standard equipment that a salon should have:

  1. Nail Stations
  2. Stations for pedicures
  3. Cash register
  4. Speed point/credit card machine
  5. Phone
  6. Scheduling book for appointments
  7. Files to keep track of sales and sales taxes

Once you have all this, read our blog on the 15 essential nail kit items and stock up on necessities.

The start up cost you have already dealt with – which include the building, supplies mentioned above, furniture and advertising costs. With all this in mind, you must now establish how much you are going to charge and where you are going to place yourself in the market. Remembering that you need to make profit at the end of the day, you would preferable place yourself somewhere in the middle of your competitors initially. You would also want to set a price that corresponds with the demographics of the area that your salon is in – and whether you are going for that “high end” type of salon. Read our blog on how to organize your pricing structure for more advice.

You should also always bear in mind the importance of your customers as well as your competitors. Listen to your clients and find out what they want instead of deciding what you want to give them.

Interesting fact – NailMags suggests that 82% of nail salon goers return to get their nails done again. So, you want to keep your customers happy – creating long-term value clients who become organic brand ambassadors . They will suggest your services to their friends

This brings us to the topic of business cards, always have business cards handy, business cards to each client that comes in. You may feel this is way too traditional but it is much easier than having to Google your number or look it up in a directory. You can even write the date of their next appointment on the back of the card so they don’t forget and have your number handy ahead of time in case they need to cancel.

As a therapist it is important that you are stable and that you are always ready and on time for your appointments. Even though you have graduated, you must never cease to educate yourself, the nail world is a dynamic, trend-filled field that you must stay on top of. Never stop learning new techniques, it would be awful to turn somebody down because you were unable to do something they wanted.

Other than that we have made a list of things you need to check that you are doing or have done?

  1. Chosen a really fabulous name for your salon.
    • Choosing the perfect name can attract customers, you could also add your location into the name so the people will know where you are situated. Never forget to relate your name to the industry you are in – so people know you do nails!
  2. Have a scheduling system.
    • Keeping a schedule of everybody you have booked for the day is paramount in this industry. You should always check it and know who you have scheduled for each day – if people are running late you can text them or reschedule.
  3. Have organization measures in place
    • Being organized at your station shows your clients that you have pride in your work and that you know what you are doing.
  4. Your own nails
    • Your nails always need to be in perfect condition, as you work in a salon, and you are also always your own brand ambassador
  5. Checked your equipment ahead of time
    • There will never be a more embarrassing moment when you reach for some tips and realize you don’t have any – always be prepared.
  6. Started social media accounts for your business
    • Social media is an excellent way for your company to display its capabilities, engage with clients, open communication channels to discover client need and position yourself as an industry leader. We would strongly recommend Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

At the end of the day just be your bubbly self, and remember there are no limits in this industry, other than the ones we place upon ourselves.