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Tips on how to market your Salon Part 5

Part 5.


Offering potential customers discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw people into your salon or your appointment book. Anytime you tell a customer that they can save money, you’re likely to get their attention. Discounts don’t only help your clients; they also help your business. From increased sales to improved reputation, discounts may be that one ingredient that can bring business success.


Group Discounts helps Attract Customers.

Firstly, because people prefer buying things on sale, discounts serve as a ploy to attract more people to your salon. Group discounts are also a great way of filling your appointment book at your quieter times or days. If your discount is only good for certain days or for certain services, mention that when you advertise the discount to your groups. People are more likely to rush to book in if they know they only have a few days to do so. You will also find that your quiet days may coincide with these groups rostered days off as it might be their quiet times as well. Secondly, it might be the swaying factor that gets them to book in with you in the first-place vs a salon that’s not offering them the discount. And thirdly, they will recommend you to their customers which are clientele in your area, again attracting customers but more importantly the right clients.


Group discounts helps Increase Sales

With increased traffic typically comes increased sales — and not only on the discounted services. Because the discounts attract more people, you have more potential buyers for retail or other services, if your discount is only for specific services.


Group discounts helps build your Reputation

A business that offers discounts to certain groups of people — such as the elderly or those enlisted in the military — may improve its reputation. When a business gives discounts to people who are in difficult situations or who may have financial troubles from a lack of income, that business shows it is making an effort to help people, improving your reputation in your community.


The biggest pro of offering a permanent discount to these types of groups are they generally deal with people all the time; your clients are walking advertisements for your services and they will be more inclined to refer customers to you. In most cases, they will let you put a poster up or allow you to leave flyers in their waiting areas or on their counters reaching a new audience in your area.