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Tips on how to market your Salon Part 2

Part 2

Newsletters are one of the most cost-effective ways of imparting information to your clients. Customers are naturally inquisitive and newsletters often help open a dialogue and sets the tone for these conversations. It is the best way to help with the launch of new products or services and a great platform to launch loyalty or referral programs. It will also help greatly with supplementing content on your website and social media sites, make sure you upload it to these sites as well. It’s easy to create email newsletters that forge real connections with customers. Your email newsletter should showcase your expertise to customers. It should contain valuable content that reminds them why they care about your business or why your business suits their needs.


Information Collection. If you haven’t been collecting your clients email details, there’s no better time to start than now. It’s a great idea to add a section on your client cards or your client intake section on your booking system for your clients’ email details. Don’t underestimate your website traffic as well. Have a chat with the support department hosting your website and they can either add a prompt or talk you through how to add a prompt on your website for clients to sign up to your newsletter.


Frequency will really be dependent on the type of content you will showcase as well as the amount of time you have available to spend on it. Most salons have monthly newsletters but it may be good to start with quarterly issues at first. Being part of the fashion industry it might work well for your salon to work on winter, spring, summer and autumn issues.


Content. This will be the part that you will struggle with the most. The best advice I could give you is to think about what you as an end consumer would enjoy reading about. Start with quality content rather than quantity. Here are a few topics you can work on: Latest nail fashion trends, advise for the clients on how to take care of their enhancements, beach season- how to ensure they don’t pick up any nasties, nail styles, new or seasonal colours, services, events, promos, weddings, men’s services, new treatments, staff training or outside education, employee of the month, expansions, new team members and their backgrounds, any team celebrations / successes, etc. I would also suggest getting your staff involved, encourage new and existing staff to write articles. These articles help establish their credibility and provide another avenue for referrals. Your staff will be excited and talk about the newsletters and this could lead to attracting new customers. Get your product suppliers involved. The marketing departments of most companies will have content and pictures you can feature as well. Once you have an established routine you can work on expanding your content as well. If you need more inspiration on content, start following industry websites or social media sites. Subscribe to as many of these sites as you can. You’ll be surprised as to how many ideas and information you can get from these sites. I really found this website quite helpful:



There’s allot of newsletter templates available on the internet that enables you to edit it easily to match your brand. Choose your colours, add your text, logo and images and ta-dah you’re done. Allot of the templates out there are mobile friendly too. Now if you’re like me and didn’t have any idea where to start on newsletter have a look at the link below.

It’s a helpful website that gives you tips on what your newsletters should and shouldn’t contain to help you create newsletter that your clients enjoy reading.