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Tips on how to Market your Salon Part 11

Tips on how to Market your Salon

Part 11- Run a Facebook competition

There are plenty of creative ways to build buzz around your salon, but a Facebook competition is certainly among the most engaging. By putting a competition out on social media, you’re able to encourage sharing to increase participation. It also helps get the word out about your brand, and at the same time, the event will help improve your authority on social media. Leading your current customers to feel more connected and loyal to your brand.


The Benefits

The reasons to run a Facebook competition are plentiful. Here are some inspiring ones to get you on the right track: You will,


  1. Engage your current followers by getting them involved.
  2. Gain new followers by having shareable content.
  3. Build brand awareness by getting users to talk about your salon.
  4. Improve your business/client relationship with whoever wins.


How to Run It

How you approach the competition depends on what you’re trying to achieve. There are some basic rules you’ll want to follow to align with Facebook’s requirements, but here are some popular ways to go about it:


  • LIKE: Include anyone who has liked and followed your page as a potential winner. This can mean giving a prize away to an old follower who might not have even heard about the competition, but it’s a proven method.
  • SHARE: To participate, have users share a specific post where you mention the competition, and hopefully something else you’d like to get the word out about. This will have a compounding effect (each person who participates will share with their network, and so on).
  • COMMENT: Have users comment something specific, like the answer to a question you ask, and choose from among those who answer. This can give your brand valuable data about something you want to know (opinion on a product, new service, etc.)


What to Giveaway

When it comes to picking what to giveaway, there are plenty of possibilities to interest your followers and encourage new users in your area to participate as well.


The prize doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive or even that big. People love to win things, and anything relevant you choose to give away will help build a bit of excitement. Pick something simple like a nice hand cream or a nail art add-on. Furthermore, you can encourage them to redeem at their next visit.


You can also involve your suppliers. Many will be happy to supply the prize just for you mentioning and tagging them in a post. Therefore creating a mutually beneficial relationship. They might consider tagging you in their next campaign. As a result, helping build your social proof.


If you pick a current client, you’ll help build a better business/client relationship with them. In addition, if a person who has never been to your salon before happens to be chosen, you can get off to the right start.