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The essential kit for a beginner nail tech

checklist-1268087_640Starting your new adventure as a nail tech is no doubt an exciting one, but it can get overwhelming when you take look at all the items you need to purchase in order to assemble your kit. By now you will have some stock and items you have collected along the way, but do you have everything you need?  Here’s a check list for you:

  1. Essential Items/Tools

    This includes Nail clippers, cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers, magic wand, orange wood sticks, spade scrapers etc.

  2. Sanitizers

    This is very important because hands carry the most germs. Make sure you stock up on sanitizers. We stock 1l sanitizers so that you can buy in bulk and save on overheads.

  3. Files and Buffers

    You should include a variety of shapes and grits.  There is a huge choice – so try them out and find the ones that you like using the most.  There are files, block buffers and sanding sponges and shiners to choose from.  Remember the lower the grit the rougher the file ie: 80/80 is rough – used to remove acrylic and the 3000 grit file is a shiner.

  4. Soak Off Solutions

    You will need both Acetone (for soaking off acrylic and gels and gel polish) and Non-Acetone for the removal of Nail Polish.

  5. Tips and Forms

    If you’re going to offer extensions, you have a choice of using Nail Tips or Sculpting your extensions using Nail Forms.  As with everything to do with nails – there is choice.  Try the different styles of tips and forms and see which ones you like using the most.  At the moment both the Stiletto Tips and the Stiletto Forms are very popular.

  6. Glue

    Essential item – used to apply the tips and also for the Dip system.  You will also use glue when doing some nail art.

  7. Acrylic System

    If you are going to offer Acrylic you will need Acrylic Powder, Liquid (Monomer), Primer, Dappen dish and a Kolinsky Brush.  There is a huge variety of colour acrylic powders and it’s difficult to choose what to get initially, but take it slow and build up your colour collection.   There are also a variety of sizes of Kolinsky Brushes – find the right one.  Don’t forget to look after your brush and keep it clean by using Brush cleaner.

  8. Gel System

    If you are going to offer Gel – make sure you have Gel, Finishing Wipe (to get rid of the tacky layer) and a good Gel Brush.  There are lots of colour gels to choose from and there are nylon/synthetic and kolinsky brushes on offer.  So find the one for you.  You will also need a GEL LAMP – UV or LED.  LED lamps are newer and not all gels will cure under the LED light, but all gels cure with UV.  LED lamps will cure the gel in 30 seconds whereas the UV lamps take 2 minutes.

  9. DIP System

    It’s the latest and hottest system to hit the Nail Industry.  It’s quick and easy to do.  You’ll need Glue, Acrylic Powder and Resin Activator.

  10. Gel Polish

    You will use your lamp and GEL polish – don’t forget to use a good Base Coat so that the polish doesn’t stain the natural nail.  If you are doing Gel Polish over Acrylic or Gel, no base coat is needed.  Finish off your Gel Polish with a good Top Coat.  If you are using a top coat that does not cure dry, then you will need to use finishing wipes or Alcohol Swabs to finish it off.

  11. Cuticle oil

    This is used to soften and replenish dried out nails and cuticles. If your client wants healthy nails, she should use Cuticle Oil every day – you will finish every treatment with Cuticle Oil, so keep yours handy, but also keep Cuticle Oil that you can sell/gift to your client.

  12. Electric Nail Drill

    This will help you become time efficient and you will never look back.  No more sore arms or backs from filing.  You can use your drill to remove old product and during the application of new products.

  13. Accessories – Dusting Brush

    Use a dusting brush to remove the dust from the nail – remember no product will stick if there is any dust on the nail.

  14. Accessories – Menda Pump

    Used for Finishing Wipe (alcohol), Acetone and Non-Acetone.  Easy to use and keeps your table tidy.

  15. Accessories– Desk Lamp

    You need to see what you’re doing and to do that you need good lighting.  A good desk lamp can make the world of difference when doing art or even just for Polish Application.

Now you would have noticed that we haven’t even started getting into all the exciting colours and nail art you will need! These come later as you accumulate your preference for products and gauge your clients’ preferences. If you’re ready to add colour and nail art to your kit, have a look here.

Can you think of any more essential items that you had to add to your kit? Comment below and let us know.