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Solutions for the perfect Acrylic Bead

How to Create the Perfect Acrylic Bead for the Perfect Acrylic Application

When my fellow students and I were taught how to do acrylics we spent one day getting the liquid powder ratio right. We made small acrylic beads and medium sized acrylic beads and finally got up to large acrylic beads. Practice practice practice!  We must have made hundreds of beads and we thought it was boring.  But how grateful are we now?  We are hardly even aware that we are making beads!  We are doing perfect acrylic beads and perfect acrylic application.

Too many nail techs these days don’t get enough practice at school.  Many nail techs complain to me that their acrylic is patchy.  They complain about using too much monomer.  The biggest complaint is that doing a set of acrylics takes too long.  It’s all down to not making the perfect acrylic bead.

It doesn’t matter if you have been taught to make three  acrylic beads or if you are just going to make one bead per nail.  How you make your acrylic beads is what really matters.  We have made a short video showing beads that are too wet and beads that are too dry.  Both of these kinds of beads will not be useful to you!  Then we show you how we like to make beads.

Some other small tips to remember:  

  • The air bubbles are removed by dipping your brush into the monomer and pressing down.  You will see all the air bubbles floating to the top.  Do this once at the begging of the day.
  • After dipping your brush in the monomer touch your brush to the side of the dappen dish to remove excess liquid.
  • Use your brush between a 40 and 50 degree angle when picking up a bead.
  • Tap your brush to get rid of any dry powder once you have picked up your bead.
  • Put down your bead and wipe your brush clean.

What to do now?

Look at the video for more information and please give us a call or email us if you have any questions.