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Tips on how to Market your Salon Part 1

1. Goodie Bags

The bag itself. Brand awareness is key when growing your business. If you can, make sure your logo is on your retail bags. Allot of suppliers will give you retail bags which you can use for your retail sales and your goodie bags but you should really consider having your own branded bags, especially when you are located in a shopping centre or on a strip mall. Every time one of your clients leave your salon with a branded bag, it’s an advert for your business.  The more items out there with your logo on it the better it will be for the growth of your business.

Adding a sample. We all love to try something new, it’s exciting and even more so if it’s free. Ask the companies where you purchase your retail products from for complimentary samples for your goodie bags. These samples will lead to retail sales which is good for both you and your supplier. Retail is something that doesn’t take any of your time but generates you extra money, so it should never be underestimated. It could take you an hour to do a set of nails which will generate you $40-60 but a retail sale takes no time and can generate anything from $10-100 per client, dependant on what you recommend.

Referral Coupons. There is no better advertising than word of mouth and for every one of your clients they could have up to 5 friends they can send to come and see you. How do you encourage them to do so? Utilizing referral coupons. Offering introductory offers, discounts or complimentary add on’s to your clients’ friends might be the thing that encourages them to come and see you. It’s a trusted referral as its coming from a friend plus your client is a walking advertisement for your work. These cards should have your logo on them again working on your brand awareness. Make sure you have a spot available for your client’s name on the coupons. When handing out the goodie bag explain how the referral system works, write your clients name on the referral coupons and get the new clients to bring it in with their appointments. This is a good tool to track and see how the referral system works for your salon plus you can set a reward for your original client i.e. for every three clients coming in with their coupons they can receive a discount or a complimentary add on.

Service Menu. Don’t assume that because a client has booked in for a specific service that they are aware of all of the services that you offer. This is where service menus help you inform clients about what you offer at your salon. It is crucial to sell add ons, upgrades, retail or cross promoting whilst the client is in our chairs, the hard work (getting the client through the door) has been done, now we just need to maximize our time with that client.

A good quality goodie bag will always ensure you stay at the top of your client’s mind as very few clients will throw out a pretty bag. It’s also a nice unexpected surprise for your new clients.