**SPECIAL** NN One Step Gel DUO – PINK and WHITE – 14g

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**SPECIAL** NN One Step Gel DUO – PINK and WHITE.  Buy one get one free.

Premium single process gel cures in under 30 seconds under LED lamps and 2 minutes under traditional UV lamps. Easy application, glossy finish and unmatched strength and durability.  Buff off only gel that is easy and quick to remove.

This is a hard gel and can potentially cause a heat spike under certain conditions.

Understanding and Avoiding Heat Spikes

The curing reaction that hardens gels always releases some heat. If the cure is slow and controlled, the heat has time to dissipate, and the client will feel little or no warming. However, if the cure is very fast, the heat is released all at once, and the client will feel a heat spike. Nail Manufacturers work hard to avoid heat spiking—after all, the product often goes on our own nails first!

Different categories of gels are more or less susceptible to heat spikes. “Soak-off gels (Lastik, Planet Gel Polish, Planet Gel Paints) are less prone to heat generation because fewer bonds are formed and as a result, less heat is created. Harder gels (Nouveau Nail Gel/Ezee Gel) typically form more bonds and as a result, more heat. UV/LED gels are designed to react fast and as such, they tend to create more heat than regular UV gels. UV/LED lamps cure faster because they release more UV rays. So, the heat that would normally be released over two minutes instead releases in less than half that time, which unsurprisingly could result in the client feeling the heat. We recommend using an LED lamp that has a setting for hard gels. These lamps have less output and will reduce the amount of heat experienced by your client.

To avoid heat spiking, be sure to use a lamp that’s matched to your product, and don’t apply gel too thick, especially on clients with thin or damaged nails, as their fingertips are less protected. We also recommend using a smaller amount of gel at a time, putting it on in layers. Clients with damaged nail beds can control the heat they experience using the below techniques and by using a softer gel (Lastik Stick and Stay Gel) against the nail plate. Then a harder gel (Nouveau Nail One Step Gel) can be used on the top surface to give increased durability. The first layer of gel that is against the fingernail acts as an insulation layer, which will help to protect the client from the heat that is generated

You can spread out the curing process by partially curing the gel with short flashes of UV light before doing the final full cure. We also recommend to, tell clients that if they do experience any heat to pull their hand out of the light and push down on the top of the lamp with their fingertips. This will relieve the burning sensation and they can then go ahead and put their hands back in the light.

Finally, prior to application, you may want to ask clients if they’ve had gel nails before and if they’ve ever experienced a heat spike, as well as examine the client’s nails for signs of pre-existing damage. Educate your client about the possibility of a heat spike and how to avoid/deal with one before you start the gel application.