Planet Iconic Master Kit

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Planet Iconic Acrylic Gel is a true hybrid between a hard gel and acrylic, a product that truly has all of the good qualities of both acrylic and hard gels that nail techs love without any of the things they don’t like about either.


A pre-mixed hybrid between acrylic and hard gel i.e. an acrylic gel offering you the best of both worlds.  No mix ratio guesswork as with acrylic
No heat spikes during curing as with hard gels
No wastage- cut off what you need
Unlimited workability- won’t run and only sets once you cure it.
Create extreme shapes and lengths with ease
Easy even colour application
Easy file, reduced filing and dust
Virtually odourless
Supreme adhesion with no lifting
Lightweight and super strong


Slice of a bead of Iconic from the tube, place on prepped nails, using a brush moistened with Super Liquid, then move the product into shape and cure for 30sec in LED or 2mins

The PLANET ICONIC MASTER KIT contains the following:

1x PN Deluxe Gel Brush #4

1x PN Palette and Spatula

1x 60g Planet Iconic Clear Gel

1x 30g Planet Iconic White Gel

1x 30g Planet Iconic Cover Pink Gel

1x PN Super Liquid

1x PN Lint Free Wipes

1x PN Nail Prep

1x PN Sticky Bond

1x PN Lastik Stick and Stay Gel Clear

1x Planet Gel Polish Top Coat

1x PN Diamond White 100/180

1x PN XL Stiletto Forms (400)