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Introducing You to Planet Nails

– One of Australia’s Hottest New Cosmetic Suppliers

2017 has been a huge year for the beauty industry, what with a brand new government investment heading straight for the niche and a variety of new stores opening up in the hopes of offering their cosmetic services. One of these stores recently opted for a digital presence as opposed to a physical one – and they are

The brand was founded way back in 2004 within South Africa, and recently established itself within Australia just a few years ago. In 2017, the company took on an entirely new approach to business – and this year promises to be one of the most productive for the brand yet. Featuring an incredible assortment of MMA free and NICNAS recognised products, Planet Nails are at the forefront of cosmetic beauty.

What do they offer?

As their name might suggest, the mainstay of PN’s products relates to nail care, with literally dozens of exciting acrylics, polishes, varnishes and accessories to choose from. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; the brand also stock a variety of products pertaining to beauty and cosmetic care in general (including goods for home waxing, tinting, skin care, equipment and even furniture).
Many beauty therapists consider the website their be-all and end-all destination for all of their beauty supplies – and countless therapists now rely on their great variety of goods and products to keep their own services topped up and available to clients. And as if that wasn’t enough, every single product sold via their website comes complete with an MSDS, or a material safety data sheet, to provide complete transparency for anyone using them.

Are they affordable?

After making a name for themselves within New Zealand in 2015, Planet Nails decided that the best way to appeal to a wider audience was by keeping their costs as competitive as possible, without sacrificing on the quality of their products. This has led to them becoming one of the most affordable online beauty product suppliers in this part of the world.

Although they are based within Melbourne, the brand are more than happy to distribute their goods worldwide – although it is worth noting that some countries don’t permit liquid cosmetic to be transported, so it’s always worth checking with your local postal services before ordering. If you are in Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand however; you’ll love the stunning variety of beauty and cosmetic products available at
If you’re ever in need of help you could always get in touch with Daniela, Alanna, or Joe for a bit of advice, or to learn more about their unique variety of products and services!