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5 ways to get your clients to experiment with nail art

Nail art

Nail art is a great way to up-sell and add a personal signature to all your nail jobs. There are so many amazing things you can do, but if the client has no intention on experimenting, how could you possibly convince them without sounding like a profit hungry salon monster?

1.    Make inspiration available

Nail artPut up posters of some interesting designs, leave magazines for them to page through and maybe make a few designs on your nail pallets. Some clients don’t want nail art because they don’t know what they want. You could even wear inspirational nail art and encourage the nail techs in the salon to do the same. When a client sees someone they trust supporting a trend they will be more willing to try it themselves

2.    Fish for upcoming events

There is a chance that your clients are getting their nails done because they have something exciting coming up. Let them talk and ask a few questions about what they have planned for the week/weekend. You may be able to suggest a design that is suitable for the event they are attending or activities they are participating in. It may not have even crossed their mind.

3.    Break nail art stereotypes

Casually explain that nail art doesn’t have to be flashy and extravagant or, on the other side of the coin – show them how exciting it truly can be! A great way to do this is start an Instagram account for your salon and take pictures of jobs your salon has done (with your clients’ consent.) Encourage your client to look at your Instagram account to understand the true extent of nail art. You may even gain another follower!

You could even highlight celebrities that are famous for their nail art and manage to elegantly or sexily rock it on the red carpet.

4.    Offer discounts

Run specials on nail art packages. You can alternate between nail art elements. For example, one week could offer a discount on all 3D moulding, another week could be a discount on dotting. This will encourage clients to try that type of nail art and although you are not making as much of a profit with a discount, you may be converting a non-nail-art-believer to a nail-art-enthusiast! You will end up with a long-term valued customer that will increase profits in the future.

5.    Run competitions

Your client’s will never pass up the opportunity to receive a free treatment. Explain to your clients that if they choose to have nail art, they can upload it on their social accounts, tag your salon and every month a winner will be announced for the best nail art. This a great way to generate exposure of your salon’s capabilities and generate traffic to your social media platforms.

Bear in mind that the client is always right and some have a preference for nail art where others don’t. Try not to be too pushy on the client when encouraging that they explore with nail art – they will appreciate the respect and try it out in their own time.

Some inspiration for you

Take a look at some of our design ideas we’ve shared on our Instagram account.