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How to apply Planet Iconic Acrylic Gel

How to apply Planet Iconic Acrylic Gel

Planet Iconic Gel

Planet Iconic Acrylic Gel is a true hybrid between a hard gel and acrylic, a product that truly has all of the good qualities of both acrylic and hard gels that nail techs love without any of the things they don’t like about either.

This product comes pre-mixed in a tube, eliminating ratio guess work. Iconic applies like acrylic and cures like gel. Iconic offers you total control, where it gets placed is where it stays until you cure it. It offers easy buffing and filing. It has virtually no odour. It provides a quick application. There are no heat spikes with Iconic. Because Iconic offers you total control there is no waste. Although Iconic is acrylic based it is completely HEMA free. Iconic is as strong as acrylic and flexible like gel.

Iconic needs to be cured under an Ultra-Violet Lamp to “harden” it. The top layer of the Gel remains sticky.  This sticky residue must be removed with a Nail Wipe and Finishing Wipe.  When working with Planet Iconic Gel, you must ensure that the surface you work on is dust free, or else the nails could potentially lift from the dust that gets trapped between the gel and the nail. Unlike other gels it is important to press this product down, ensuring it makes complete contact with the nail ensuring you have no lifting. Acrylic users tend to love this product but unlike acrylic the Super Liquid used with Iconic is only meant to help prevent the product from sticking to the brush. If too much super liquid is used it can cause lifting. 


Prepare the nails: (check out the 6 steps to prep video on our fb page)

•Prepare the nails like you normally would with acrylic or gel, ensuring that there’s no shine on the nail surface.

Perform extension options:

•Apply either a tip or a sculpture form•

Prepping Product Application

•Apply PN Nail Prep to natural nail only, avoiding contact with cuticle area. Wait for it to dry chalky white. 

•Apply PN Primer or PN Sticky Bond to natural nail only, avoiding contact with cuticle area. Wait for it to dry chalky white.

•Apply a base coat of Lastik Stick and Stay Gel to nails and cure under the PN SpecialityDual Cure Lamp for 60 secs. (optional step)

Product Application

1.Dispense a small amount of PN Super Liquid into a clean dappendish.

2.Immerse PN Gel Brush in Super Liquid for 1-2 seconds. 

3. Wipe sides of brush on lip of dappendish to remove excess liquid. Repeat step after immersing brush throughout service. 

4. Squeeze a small amount of Planet Iconic Acrylic Gel and cut it off with a PN Iconic Spatula, forming a medium ball. 

5. Apply the ball to the nail and start by pressing product from side to side in a similar action to acrylic, press it back to the cuticle area, leaving a small margin and down to the free edge area. Take your time to get the product into the shape and thickness you want. Add more product if needed or remove excess by scraping it off from the free edge. This product won’t move so you can apply and shape all 5 nails before you cure the product.

6.Cure under the PN SpecialityDual Cure Lamp for 30 secs. 

7.Remove the tacky layer with PN Gel Finishing wipe and a PN Lint Free Wipe.

8. Shape the free edge, sidewalls; file and shape the top of the nails using the PN 100/180 Grit White Diamond File. 

9.Buff the nails with a PN 80 Grit Purple Sanding Buffer and remove dust with a PN Dust Brush. 

10.Wash hands thoroughly to remove oil and dust. 

11. For a super glossy finish and intense durability apply a coat of PN Glaze or Planet Polish Gel Top Coat/PN Glaze and cure under the PN SpecialityDual Cure Lamp for 60 secs.