Educator Agreement


-  Passionate Nail Tech
-  Someone who loves to learn, teach and share
-  A team player
-  Using Planet Nails Products
-  Passionate about Planet Nails
-  Active on Social Media, tagging and mentioning Planet Nails on posts • A member of the PNASG and actively taking part in the group
-  Ideally must have other nail techs following you on Social.
-  Prepared to come to Melbourne and do a 5 day training course
-  A person with whom our values resinates

Our Values

What your 5 day training course costs: $2497.00 includes a kit to be used for your PN Workshops.

Our expectations of you

-  Using the Planet Nails EDUCATOR logo on all media (photos, videos, posts etc.)
-  Tagging, mentioning and hash tagging PN in all media (photos, videos, posts etc)
-  Upholding the PN Values at all times and being respectful on any media platforms
-  Be willing to help other techs when contacted or referring them onto PN if unable to do so
-  Mention PN Ambassadorship and being an Educator in bio/about on all social media accounts
-  Be active on PNASG/PNA Members Page, posting regularly and we will ask you to do FB Lives from time to time
-  Post and support your students in the Student and Educator Group on FB
-  When you use another brand; (as we understand that you will have stock/products from other brands that you previously purchased) respectfully avoid mentioning other brands
-  Follow the PN Protocol for booking training
-  Teach the Planet Nails Way
-  Follow the PN Protocol for student orders
-  Participate in a monthly design class
-  Create 4 videos p/m for the PNA Members Site
-  PNA holds the right to add or change some of these expectations from time to time but any changes will be discussed before they take effect

Benefits we provide you

-  Belong to a team that values your talent and passion
-  20% discount on all stock
-  20% Samples and testers
-  20% Be part of an Elite Training Group
-  20% 2 x one on one training with Roxane
-  20% Marketing/Advertising/Endorsement Support on all PN Platforms
-  20% A certified Planet Nails Educator Certificate
-  20% Training Fees from training you provide less the cost of the kit purchased
-  20% Insider info
I hereby acknowledge, that what PN expects of me as an educator was explained to me and that I am satisfied with the terms of being an educator. I understand that once I have signed this form, I have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this form.