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Creating a desirable salon atmosphere

salonatmosphereIt may have been through word of mouth, the coincidental passing by of your salon, advertising efforts or curiosity that enticed your client to visit your nail salon. Make it worth their while and keep them coming back.

Potential clients are looking for a nail salon where for 2 hours they can escape their busy schedule. They want to be pampered and treated with the utmost respect and form a bond with their nail technician that makes them feel like a valued customer.

Giving your salon a service facelift isn’t as daunting as it seems. All you need to do is visualise how the client experiences your salon from the moment they walk in. We’ll talk you through it:

Contact points of your salon

The front window

The front of your store will create an immediate impression of your salon and form an image in the clients’ mind of the sort of service quality and experience they can expect.

Avoid sticking pieces of paper and notices up that clutter the front window and take away from the cleanliness of the salon.

The front desk

Your client will more than likely approach the front desk to confirm their appointment or make the appointment.

  1. Make sure you have pricelists and a menu of available treatments clearly accessible on the counter.
  2. There should be no clutter on the desk and it should reflect the hygiene standards of the salon.
  3. Eating behind the counter should be forbidden and no one should be on their mobile phones while there are clients in the salon.

The waiting area

  1. Ensure there are industry-related magazines and reading material available.
  2. Allow the client access to a pallet of nail colours so that you save time during the ‘colour-picking process’ of your treatment.
  3. The couches or chairs should be cleaned and if there are pillows, they need to be plumped and arranged neatly.
  4. If there is a delay or long wait offer your client a cup of tea or coffee to remind them they are being acknowledged and attended to.

The treatment station

This area of the salon will form the greatest long-lasting impression in the mind of your client.

  1. Ensure your tools and implements are cleaned BEFORE your client arrives at your treatment station. There is nothing worse than the client watching their nail tech removing dead skin cells off the cuticle pusher from their previous client. There is, however nothing wrong with using hygiene spray in front of your client – it shows them that there are measures being taken to protect them.
  2. Don’t chew gum while attending to your client, they are there to relax, not listen to the smacking of your gum or have it accidentally fall out onto your workstation.
  3. Take note of whether your client is chatty or not. Don’t force small talk and if they start a conversation, participate but don’t take over. They are not talking to hear you talk about yourself the whole time or badmouth other clients – this is an absolute NO.
  4. Attend to your clients requests and manage their expectations. Remember the cardinal rule ‘the client is always right.’ They may ask for a bizarre mould or nail art design that you feel is ridiculous but it is what they want and what will make them happy. If you are unable to do something, tell them – they will appreciate your honesty and you won’t disappoint them.

Payment stations

  1. No one likes spending money so try make this a pleasant experience for your client by charging them the right amount and applying the correct discounts.
  2. Try up sell. Put little mementos of your salon on the counter or tools that your clients can use at home such as cuticle oils or hand creams.

Tips if you operate from home

Some of these tips may not apply if you operate from home so here are a few extras:

  1. Dedicate a separate room in your house for your treatments – avoid doing them in the living room or on the kitchen counter.
  2. Establish ground rules with members of your family such as not interrupting you when you have a client or no screaming during the day.
  3. Keep your bathroom tidy.
  4. Stay hospitable while remaining efficient by having tea and coffee readily available on a small table in your workroom.

Bear in mind, your client could always stay home and do their own nails, by applying the above tips you create a reason for them to pay for a service and keep coming back for more.

What do you feel optimises client experience in a salon? Drop us a comment below.